Miles to Go

At the end of the previous analysis, we pointed out our distrust in the FED-promoted argument of a short-term inflationary shock caused strictly by the supply side. With the passage of time, we can assess that the inflation rate in the short term got out of the control of the central bankers.

Q4 2021:
Approaching the New Era

The number one topic in 2021 was inflation and the recovery of the global economy. Find out more about significant decline in the unemployment rate, the dominant growth of the real estate and energy sector, the high level of price increases and the impact of higher inflation rates on financial markets. Read our Q4 2021 + 2021 report.

Holding the Aces

In the analysis Semiconductors: Holding the Aces, we analyzed the use of semiconductors, prediction of the future growth of the global datasphere, as well as the development of stock prices of selected companies in the semiconductor market.

Hell or High Water

In our investment research Inflation: Hell or High Water, we have updated the knowledge about inflation that we published in our previous investment analysis Inflation: On the Rise in June 2021. Based on our own proprietary research, investment approach and strategy, we have modified and updated alternative scenarios for the future development of inflation in 2022.