● Stonebridge Capital Embarks on a New Era in Sports Sponsorship as Official Partner of Pulitzer Cup 2022

Stonebridge Capital Embarks on a New Era in Sports Sponsorship as Official Partner of Pulitzer Cup 2022


Stonebridge Capital proudly announces its official partnership with the 4th edition of the Pulitzer Cup 2022, a tennis tournament for journalists and media professionals. With this official partnership with the international tournament, one of the most prestigious of its kind within the V4 countries, we have ventured into the realm of sports for the first time.

The Pulitzer Cup 2022 took place from June 17th to 19th at the tennis courts of the Tenisia Tennis Club in Banská Bystrica, where the tournament has had a four-year tradition. Journalists and guests welcomed former world No. 24 tennis player Martin Kližan, as well as hockey representatives Ivan Ďatelinka, Tomáš Matoušek, and Tomáš Ziga. CEO of Stonebridge Capital, Martin Pitoňák, also attended the event to personally express support for the personalities of Slovak journalism competing in the tournament, as well as the organizers from Tomorrow Agency.

Shared Values: Our Bond with Tennis

„The Pulitzer Cup stands out among international tennis tournaments as a unique fusion of sports, journalism, and media. We take pride in initiating our historic entry into sports sponsorship in Slovakia by supporting this tournament. In our endeavor with tennis and sports in general, we share many common values that enable us to consistently achieve the best results and also to react flexibly and strategically in situations where perseverance and talent alone are not enough. The Pulitzer Cup creates an exceptional environment for building a community of people who, despite diverse professional backgrounds, can come together through sports and mutually inspire each other in the determination, perseverance, and passion that are the foundation of their calling,“, hovorí Martin Pitoňák, CEO Stonebridge Capital.

A total of 48 journalists competed in the tournament, and dozens of prominent guests from the worlds of sports and media attended the event. Stonebridge Capital’s partnership with the Pulitzer Cup significantly underscores our vision and long-term commitment to supporting activities here in Slovakia and transforming accrued capital into tangible values.


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