● Stonebridge Capital VCC Singapore: “Think Global, Act Local.”

Stonebridge Capital VCC Singapore: “Think Global, Act Local.”


The world is rapidly changing and evolving, traditional investment models are being questioned, and savings are at risk. The need for diversification into different geographic areas, as well as various portfolio management tools, is growing every day. By establishing Stonebridge Capital VCC in Singapore, we have strengthened our global structure.

When we signed the Memorandum to establish a hedge fund in 2013, the structure in Singapore was a vision and a goal for the future. What was once a dream is now a reality, but above all, an absolute necessity for genuine risk mitigation.

Risk management and capital protection are the most crucial aspects of our work. To eliminate risks, ensure returns, and protect capital, we must not only think alternatively and globally but also act realistically and anticipate events.

The establishment of the hybrid hedge fund structure, Stonebridge Capital VCC, on the symbolic date of 03.03.2022, marks a significant milestone in expanding our footprint and building a bridge between Asia and Europe. Our presence in the Asia-Pacific region will enable us to access valuable resources and bring attractive growth and protection opportunities to our investors.

Why Singapore?

Singapore represents the optimal environment for the hedge fund and alternative investment industry due to its stable economic, regulatory, and geopolitical factors. It is one of the few countries where high levels of capital protection and private ownership are among the best in the world.

01/ Political & Economic Stability and Security

  • The only Asian country with AAA credit rating
  • One of the countries with the lowest levels of crime and corruption in the world
  • Highly efficient public sector and fair regulations

02/ Leader in Business Simplicity Ranking

  • Highly efficient legal system and justice
  • Competitive tax rate
  • High level of services
  • Low bureaucracy

03/ The Largest Financial Center for Private Wealth Management

  • 1000+ banks
  • 750+ funds and advisors
  • 2M+ high-net-worth of individuals
  • “New York and London of Asia”

04/ Gate to Asia

  • Access to key Asian markets such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, China, and Hong Kong

05/ Investor Protection Regime

  • Singapore is a Signatory to Several Intergovernmental Agreements, Including Agreements with the EU on Double Taxation Prevention and Protection


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