● We Participated in the MENA Business Expo 2020 in Dubai

We Participated in the MENA Business Expo 2020 in Dubai


At the beginning of December, we participated in the prestigious international event MENA Business Expo 2020 in Dubai. Dozens of companies from various industries around the world had the opportunity to present their ideas, establish cooperation with international partners, and mutually inspire each other in innovations.

MENA Business Expo 2020 is a virtual exhibition organized by Luxury World Key Group based in Dubai, aiming to connect entrepreneurs from around the world. With the support of the private office of Sheikh Ahmed Bin Faisal Al Qassimi, the event, which took place from December 7th to 9th, brought together top business leaders, startups, and investors to mutually inspire each other in addressing new business challenges.

„At the MENA Business Expo 2020, hundreds of startups have the opportunity to meet with investors, existing businesses to develop international relationships, or find new business partners. This virtual event provides its participants with a unique opportunity to deal with rapidly changing business environments and take their ventures to the next level, especially in the context of limited mobility.,“ said Timur Kudratov, CEO LWK Group and the founder of MENA Business Expo 2020.

The MENA Business Expo was inspired by the success of the online conference BizzMatcher, which took place earlier in the year and proved to be exceptionally effective, as evidenced by numerous positive reviews from the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Africa, and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

During its three-day activities, the exhibition hosted Zoom conferences with business leaders from the MENA region, providing participants with the opportunity to directly communicate with representatives of the areas of business that interest them.

Luxury World Key Group is an international brand that has been offering top-tier concierge services and lifestyle management to individuals and corporations since 2006, headquartered in Dubai with representations in London, Hong Kong, and Moscow.


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