Q4 2022:
Weathered The Storm

In addition to Q4 events, we have also evaluated the past year 2022. The main topic of 2022 was inflation and the associated reaction of central banks, or the dynamics of interest rate growth. The most anticipated recession in history is most certainly about to come this year. Never before in the modern history of financial markets has the expectation rate of the arrival of a recession been so high (more than 70%).

Q3 2022:
Roller Coaster Ride

High inflation, energy prices or rising interest rates. Despite some optimistic outlooks towards the end of the year, global risks remain a concern for investors, particularly because of an increasing likelihood of recession, as resulted from the macroeconomic and geopolitical events.

Q1 2022:
Different Shades of Black Swan

Geopolitical risks along with the recalibration of monetary policy have caused historically one of the worst quarters for investors. The continuing rise in commodity prices may be reflected in the acceleration of global inflation in the next quarters.

Q4 2021:
Approaching the New Era

The number one topic in 2021 was inflation and the recovery of the global economy. Find out more about significant decline in the unemployment rate, the dominant growth of the real estate and energy sector, the high level of price increases and the impact of higher inflation rates on financial markets. Read our Q4 2021 + 2021 report.

Q3 2021:
At the Edge of the Whirl

New regulations in China, rising inflationary pressures, the EU energy crisis, a new commodity cycle, a tightening of the Fed’s monetary policy and possible interest rate hikes in the third quarter are of concern to investors. Is it time to change course?

Q2 2021:
Staying the Course

2Q 2021 brought some important indicators of the future direction of the economy. Concerns about inflation and a high level of uncertainty among investors remain. The future is still shrouded in fog. The question is, should we continue staying the course? Q2 2021 Highlights: The U.S. economy continues to recover in Q2 2021. Economic growth […]

The Vicious Circle

Debt is considered a form of risk in the context of financial market factors. In our research, we analysed the level of global debt and structural debt of the world’s three major economies – the US, the EU and China’s. Excellent risk management is a defining condition for long-term investment success, so it is important to monitor and examine debt as well as a source of risk.

On the Rise

In this investment research, we have studied inflation, its predecessors and impacts, and propose various alternatives to protect ourselves or benefit from periods when inflation rates are high or expected. We also looked at the impact of inflation and deflation, their correlation across and between different asset classes since the 1900s, combined with interest rates, unemployment, GDP growth, market valuation and other factors over different periods of time.

Q1 2021:
En Route to Recovery

The first quarter of 2021 was marked by the recovery of the world economy. Macroeconomic data on all fronts were significantly favorable in Q1. However, long-term rising inflation above 2% is a source of concern for investors. What are the expectations for Q2?