CDS: Credit Default Swaps – Part 1

If you still remember the Great Financial Crisis of 2008, the European Debt Crisis in 2011, or the significant downturns during COVID-19 (March 2020), you might have encountered the term CDS or Credit Default Swaps. Since this is not a standard financial instrument like stocks or bonds, I decided to introduce you to this interesting derivative.

The Next $20 Trillion in Alternative Investment Landscape

Once upon a time, hedge funds ruled the world. That’s how a fairy tale could begin. In reality, just 20 years ago, alternative investments amounted to $4.8 trillion, or 6% of the world’s total managed assets, and hedge funds comprised a significant portion of this allocation.

Auction Theory
Part 3

In the first 2 articles of our mini-series on Auction Theory, we discussed ways to measure market value. In the current third installment, we will elevate the entire concept and, using a practical example from the S&P 500 index, we will connect our previous knowledge to the creation of a comprehensive narrative.

Auction Theory
Part 2

In the first part of our series on Auction Theory, we discussed the perspective of value through the lens of profiles. We explained why and how market value is formed and how we can identify the previous value area (Prior Value Area – PVA). In today’s second part, we will move from theoretical examples of buying and selling cars to practical examples, specifically focusing on the American S&P 500 index. We will also look at another way to identify value along with the so-called Developing Value Area (DVA).

Large Investors Are Increasingly Choosing Hedge Funds

More and more investors are investing in hedge funds. They want to protect their investment portfolios from inflationary concerns. According to several research, hedge funds already manage nearly $4 trillion in assets, with the number of investors buying alternative assets still growing.